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Educational centers

To understand what the education sector is, we must first talk about education. Education is a process that guides and helps in the learning process for the acquisition of skills, values, beliefs and habits. Although a large part of education, such as values, habits or beliefs, is achieved at home, another fundamental part of knowledge acquisition or socialization is acquired in an educational center (kindergarten, school, high school and university).

So, we can understand that the education industry is the one that seeks to improve people's knowledge and skills. And in it we find schools, early childhood education centers, secondary schools, universities, libraries, etc.

How does Megablok help the academic sector?

In MEGABLOK several years helping the academic sector providing solutions that help mobility, order, image and technological commitment. 

In order for the school to maintain proper order and functioning, it is essential that students have their own space to store their books, materials, chrome books or tablets. Therefore, it is recommended that each student has his or her own locker where he or she can store school supplies and avoid overweight backpacks.

In Megablok, as manufacturers, we adapt to the needs of your school and your students, taking into account the material, size and height of the lockers that they will use.

Our solutions range from the most traditional ones such as metal lockers, melamine lockers or phenolic lockers, to perfect solutions for the digitalization of educational centers such as Charging carts or Monoblok-E lockers, which allow the charging of electronic devices such as laptops or tablets.

Benefits that Megablok brings to the academic industry


Order and mobility

Different sizes, measurements and combinations to provide a solution to any space with a large number of people.


Lockers prepared for daily use. Manufactured with highly resistant and durable materials. Wide range of colors and sizes.


Lockers prepared for students and teachers to keep their mobile devices connected at all times.

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