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The healthcare sector: The great protagonist

Since March 2020 the healthcare sector has been the great protagonist. A sector which has had to fight against dramatic figures and a critical situation in some moments.

It is a sector which has felt itself overstrained by the lack of media or personnel in some moments. The importance of the healthcare sector is something that society will not easily forget, and it is to be expected that the demand on professionals will increase, as well as at the public as at the private sector.

During the most complicated moments of the pademia, Megablok supplied in record time 100 hospitals and 75 retirement homes, all over Spain. Some examples are: The field hospital from the “Feria de Muestras de Zaragoza”, or the hospital “12 de octubre” from Madrid. Moreover, there have been designed and developed different specific solutions of emergency for this sector, as the adjustable bedside tables or methacrylate dividers in different dimensions and sizes.

We increase our commitment with the future of the sector.

At Megablok we have different solutions for the healthcare sector. Since more than 20 years helping this sector at such important areas as health, order and hygiene, using materials of high resistance with antibacterial properties which comply with the most exigent norm of the sector.

Benefits that Megablok contributes to the healthcare sector


Health and hygiene

Lockers which are easy to clean with antibacterial materials, with possibility of antibacterial painting.


We work with wood of certified and sustainable origin, with recyclable metal. Ecological design of our products.


According to the law, to comply with the norms, each health worker needs a personal locker for his belongings.

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