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Offices have changed, that's a fact. Companies have reformulated their way of perceiving work, creating more connected workspaces, offering teleworking and designing more open and minimalist offices.

The year 2020 has marked a before and after in the way we understand the world, life and work; everything took a 360º turn. A turn in which also entered the ways in which we relate to the workspaces, looking for more open, bright, connected with the rest of the team, digitized, hygienic and comfortable areas. But, in addition, the arrival of teleworking has brought with it the creation of coworking spaces in which offices become common spaces where ideas flow and knowledge is shared with professionals from different sectors.


Office space is on the rise in Europe

The space allocated to offices, in Europe, increased by 4.2 million meters in 2020, a growth of 23% over 2019 and 26% more than the average growth over the past five years, according to the European Office Development report. 

Office buildings that completed construction from 2015 onward have experienced a 51.9 million m2 growth in occupancy since the start of the pandemic. But this has an explanation: companies have begun to seek to offer more amenities and experiences to their employees, to cope with the offers with teleworking.



Megablok, equipment for your office

Megablok has quickly adapted to this change by providing different solutions for offices, coworking spaces, as well as your home office.

To create a good workspace in the office it is essential to have a good organization and keep all objects stored in lockers, shelves, cabinets or lockers, and thus to maintain order in the room.

In order to maintain this order and achieve a pleasant and aesthetic space, at Megablok we offer you the possibility of buying directly from the manufacturer elements such as metal cabinets, which will allow you to store any type of object, such as computer equipment, folders with documents or office material.

Metal cabinets help you keep the room organized and clean, as well as help you locate the tools you need to perform your work.

But at Megablok we didn't want to stop there. And we have gone a step further, to design and develop solutions to the new needs you may have. Thus, creating technological equipment such as Charging Carts (lockers for charging laptops), Charging Box (lockers for charging cell phones or tablets) or innovative solutions such as the Community Locker (intelligent locker to receive or deliver parcels).

Benefits that Megablok brings to the office sector


We provide solutions with a careful design down to the smallest detail to give a personalized touch to your office.


Connectivity solutions for customers or employees. We have products that allow mobile device charging.


We work with wood of certified and sustainable origin, with recyclable metal. Ecological design of our products.

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