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Lockers for gyms and sports centers

Sports center locker room

Sports facilities such as gyms or sports centers are entities that offer programs for health and physical work as a high-intensity recreational service. But not only that, they are spaces linked to innovation: advanced sports techniques, originality in group classes, more technological gym lockers, cutting-edge machinery, sophisticated software for training, powerful video and sound equipment, comfortable and technological locker rooms and common areas...

After the crisis that gyms and sports centers experienced in 2020, due to the covid-19 pandemic, this sports sector has managed not only to return to previous figures, but to grow by 62% in turnover and 14% in subscribers.

How does Megablok help the sports industry?

Gyms and sports centers have become indispensable spaces for society. Fitness life is booming, but that does not mean that the sports sector can neglect its facilities, on the contrary, they must take care of even the smallest detail because the increase in demand has led to the growth of the supply of spaces for sport.

MEGABLOK provides solutions that bring order, hygiene, technology and comfort to gyms, sports centers, swimming pools or swimming clubs.

Our focus is to create solutions that not only meet the current needs of your company, but also look to the future and have the maximum possible durability. That is why we work with high quality materials that will give you the peace of mind you need.

Our experience supports us. We are experts in equipping spaces and common areas, such as the locker room of a sports center, in which we always take into account the high humidity to which they are subjected (showers, swimming pools). Therefore, as manufacturers with 25 years of experience, we recommend the use of phenolic benches or lockers, since this material has a high resistance to this type of environments.


Benefits that Megablok brings to the sports industry



Lockers manufactured with highly resistant, waterproof, fireproof and antibacterial raw material for extremely humid places.


Products for easy and simple cleaning. In addition, we show you how to clean each type of surface with the utmost care.


Different solutions depending on the environment, number of users or use of each company.

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