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The Agro-and Food Industry:
Economic engine of Spain and Europe

If we translate the sector into figures, it becomes clear that it represents a big source of income of the Spanish economy, as it is the 7,6% of the GDP of the country.

Furthermore, with 30.261 companies, the Food sector is the first industrial sector in Spain, and the second export sector, with exports in value of 16 billion €. It should also be added the 16% of the net sales from the Spanish industry corresponds to this sector.

At the other hand, the quantity that other countries represent in the industry of our country is of 41%. The figure is increasing to the opposite direction, i.e., when we refer to the Spanish investment in the industry of other countries, which would be 49%.

Beyond doubt, the agro-and food industry sector has maintained a constant growth during the las 20 years, and as the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce indicates, it is “one of the five strategic sectors for the economic recovery of the country, due to its potential and dragging capacity”.

How does MEGABLOK help the agro-and food industry?

In the development of solutions to grant the alimentary safety and the hygienie of its workers.

It is as important to assure a good quality of the products that are manufactured, as well as to provide the workers with a secure and hygienic space in their changing room.

The mobility of the personnel in the facilities of a company of the food industry is more important as it could seem to us, due to the protocols regarding food safety. Therefore, it becomes indispensable to have a space at our disposal, designed and thought to comply with all the requirements.


Sector alimentario

Benefits that Megablok contributes to the Agro-and food sector


Health and hygiene

Lockers which are easy to clean with antibacterial materials, with possibility of antibacterial painting.


We work with wood of certified and sustainable origin, with recyclable metal. Ecological design of our products.


According to the law, to comply with the norms, each health worker needs a personal locker for his belongings.

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